RECIPE: Vegan chocolate pecan pralines

I saw a recipe for pecan pralines in an issue of Culinary Institute of America's magazine and decided to chocolatize and veganize it. These babies are super rich but totally hit the spot when you're craving an old fashioned southern sweet. Enjoy!

RECIPE: Simple 4-ingredient vegan salted caramel sauce

I normally special order Hot Cakes Totally Vegan Caramel Sauce for special occasions, but I just received a last-minute order for caramel cupcakes... and I'm all outta Hot Cakes caramel sauce... arrggg!! I decided to make my own since the caramel in most grocery stores is gross and is made from corn syrup (GMO), high fructose corn syrup (GMO), corn starch (GMO), yellow 6, red 40 and other creepy ingredients. I modified this recipe and it turned out totally awesome!

RECIPE: Momofuku's cornflake-chocolate chip-marshmallow veganized cookies

When you're bored, do you ever Google image search pictures of desserts? ME TOO! I accidentally stumbled across photos from a bakery in New York called Momofuku Milk Bar. All their desserts look and sound freaking amazing. They are nice enough to offer their recipes to the drooling public. My eyes instantly gravitated towards this recipe and I decided to veganize it.

RECIPE: literally the best vegan chocolate chip cookies of all time

Stop everything you're doing and bake these cookies right now. Well... first make sure you have maple syrup and blackstrap molasses... and THEN stop everything you're doing and bake these cookies right now.

Easy DIY fondant sugar skull cupcake toppers

Two "ingredient" fondant sugar skulls! This is a super easy and fun project. All you need is white fondant (I use Satin Ice brand: it's gluten, dairy and nut-free) and an AmeriColor Gourmet Writer pen of any color(s). You don't even need a cookie cutter! To cut out my circle shapes, I used a 2" (approximately) diameter lid from a sprinkles container, since my circle cookie cutters were either too small or too big. You may have to use your finger to smooth out the edges if you use something other than a cookie cutter.